How to get free business email with Google Domains

Have you bought a domain on Google domains? Wondering if you should pay for GSuite email. You don’t need to. You just need to setup an alias.

What is an email alias

An email alias maps an email ( to your personal email ( This is cool because you don’t need to pay for this and hosting is taken care of by gmail. Sounds too good to be true. It isn’t.

The catch

You can only add up to 100 aliases, so keep this in mind.


Setting Up

Go to your registrar page in Google Domains. Select the domain you want to setup email with. Select the email tab. Scroll down to “Email Forwarding” and click the button that says “Add Alias”. In the first box, fill in the value you want the email address to be (info, hello, etc.). Then, in the second box, fill in your current gmail address. You should receive an email asking you to confirm. Click confirm, and you should be set. Test it. It should work!

Sending from the alias

But how can we send email from this new email address. This will require some work and can vary based on device. First you will need to generate an app password from your google account settings (Account > Security). Store this password. We will need it later. Click add a new account in your email client’s settings. Then click other. Choose IMAP from the options on your device, and fill in the following details.

Login and Voila! You should be able to send from your email alias.

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