Why I think the .one domain is the best alternative

These days, it is very likely that all popular domain endings (co, com, org, io …) for your first name are probably gone if you have a popular name like me 😂. If so, you should buy yourname.one, and this article tells you why.

My Situation

When I decided to start my website, I was quite stuck on what domain I should buy Here is a list of all TLDs available under £10/year. As you can see, all good domains are gone, only some left. I was left thinking what I should do?

My Reasoning

I had to rule out com.au and fr because they were related to countries.

Page really sounded like a good deal, but I realised that it had one extra letter, and this was a deciding factor. There were also several reasons why I liked one.

Reasons I like .one

So in the end I bought one domain with no regrets

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this article, do go ahead and buy a .one domain and follow me on Twitter