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Why I think the .one domain is the best alternative

These days, it is very likely that all popular domain endings (co, com, org, io …) for your first name are probably gone if you have a popular name like me 😂. If so, you should buy yourname.one, and this article tells you why. My Situation When I decided to...


How to quickly build a website using Tailwindcss and Tailblocks

Update: Since then I have rebuilt my website from ground up. However, I still stand by the fact that Tailblocks is a great resource. I recently discovered this tool that allowed me to rapidly build my website. Hope it might be useful. What is Tailwindcss Tailwindcss is a utility based...


How to get free business email with Google Domains

Have you bought a domain on Google domains? Wondering if you should pay for GSuite email. You don’t need to. You just need to setup an alias. What is an email alias An email alias maps an email (sth@yourdomain.com) to your personal email (sth@gmail.com). This is cool because you don’t...